Soooooo, it was a very important day for me today. My students got a result of a high school entrance exam. I’m SO RELIEVED to hear that all of my students have passed and I’m appreciated that all of them ...
But a pilgrim, here goes to spring!
If my heart is a garden, then the people inside of it are the trees, the flowers, the rocks, the grass, the rivers,the ladybugs, the birds , all the wonders that make it ...
last training of 1396 year
hoping for good things in new year
Last training of 1396 year
Hoping for good things in the new year
Family Goals👨‍👩‍👧🐈
. .
#we #are #family #catsinsteadofbabies #catsofinstagram #cats #meow #kitten #derp #catsofig
Dream big, make bold choices, try new things, make mistakes, fail, get up and try again.
You can do anything and be anything in this world... What do you choose?
#dreams #waltdisney #alwaysgetsitright #failures #are #needed
#youcandoit #dontgiveup #bebrave #beyou ...
Moto Kama Pasi; Thank you To @urban_couture_boutique Gari lapendeza na wewe Umependeza sana.

KWa Ustadi na Ufundi wenye Ubora wa Kimataifa Tunabuni na Kutengeneza Custom made leather car seat covers zenye Ubora Na viwango vya kimataifa Kwa Magari Aina zote; ...
I LOVE JUSTICE!! @JUSTICE @justiceindonesia #justice #justice #cat #velvyposts #tagjustice #meow #are youcatlovers #notebook #cool #coolomg #omg
Happy little Chappy because I’m off to Melbourne tomorrow and I haven’t been to my favourite city in who knows how long 🤙🏼😋.
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First Take debates whether upsets are good for NCAA tournament | First Take | ESPN First Take's Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman, along with guest Seth Greenberg, debate whether upsets are good for NCAA tournament. ✓ Subscribe to ESPN on YouTube:
TODDLERS ARE ASSHOLES Never in a million years did I think that saying "good morning" to someone could ruin their whole day! Did you????? PS - for all the people who take life a little too seriously, please note...
Electromagnetism vs. Gravity - Astrophysics & Cosmology are Pseudoscience! The Globebusters continue to explore the world we all live in and attempt to uncover the truth. Join us! Show Links: Support Iru's Balloon:
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CSGO - People Are Awesome #109 Best oddshot, plays, highlights Use my code holkcsgo on csgoempire for free 0.5$ Best highlights from our lovely community, clip 109 of the serie "People are awesome" Csgo Edition....

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