Hoping the postman, or any delivery person do not knock on the door, cause one I’m going to die of embarrassment an… https://t.co/e9f9Yvr3pk
You don't have to pay big $$$ to live that #spa life. 💆 These sheet #facemasks are just $2 each!!… https://t.co/SRVXn9bRr6
Store bought and spa #facemasks are often full of chemicals. #DIY from stuff in the fridge instead. https://t.co/o4yY7L7O3g #SistersKnowBest
Some great products here for before you go out on the town. Lovely to see @tataharper made the list - one of my fav… https://t.co/0PFzUjZQ4b
Peel-off, bubbling, jelly, clay or LED, the mask market exploded last year. Read BABTAC's blog from Vitality magazi… https://t.co/NKRRwVKaun
https://t.co/HAzEiOWHiS Clean air program in India. Before it starts working, protect yourself with #BEATCLOUDS… https://t.co/QFaLibKrLy
Message me if you’re interested! I’ve been wanting to do this for such a long time and I finally have the time!❤️✨… https://t.co/lHbL0dZ9D5
There’s something about walking around @Target after a stressful Monday to calm the soul. #CookieDough #FaceMasks #DrPepper
Staph, back pain, and flying debris—oh my! Are you protecting yourself from the hazards of the op?… https://t.co/jluU20s9Zh
Need a new skincare routine?? Stay tuned for a video on Tuesday on how to take care of your skin and keep it young… https://t.co/VCQ9vWSxMe
@beautysubreview thanks a million for the follow, Laura Feel free to check out my other reviews and limited time of… https://t.co/W9u3wYrb5c

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